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31-12-16, 00:05
Humanity will likely never reach the limits to make faster cars, better phones and other technological advances but can we consider the dangers of it's process?

The most and basic problem is the imbalance between the development of human mind and the self centered needs for more consuming before we even consider the side impacts on the planet.

We're often believed that everything is "ours", when we say our planet, our child, our car it's almost a sort of way to extend our small human body because we just can't get enough and want more and more after we have something.

When will we stop consuming but start living? When will the time come when humanity reach a mental condition to consider the process of technological development as a potential danger against our future and freedom?

With the advance of technology we're able to save millions of lives but the same time we were able to destroy and murder hundred millions of people because of selfish needs.

Is economy a science?

Short answer: No

Long answer: Economy was invented in order to measure a nations wealth and it's citizens life quality based on what they "own" not what they have inside their head. A homeless American holds more weight in terms of money than an Amazonian native, but does it mean the American homeless has a better life quality than that Native who never ever heard about television and outside civilization?
Economy is very limited and it's only able to measure a market made by it's own interest in a micro society. Will GDP growth give us freedom, better lives, or it just makes our life harder and make us believe that consuming is our goal as human beings?
We're most likely a nihilist society which can't consider the past's failures and never learn from it's own faults, the same events happen in the history over and over why?
- Because emotionally, mentally we're still the same people except we have headphones and use guns instead of swords.

We're the biggest hypocrites being around other hypocrites who have no other goals than to reach something which gives a short time satisfaction but makes us addicted and we won't stop it until it's too late. We waste our lives for small pleasures but regret life. We prefer authority over freedom, because freedom takes responsibility. Everybody blames the other because we're born to race on an endless road and when we already realize the road is over it's already too late. We all get into the deep as it happened many times before.

What we have now is a Trojan horse and it's just a question of time when we see it's true color. I know this is way too emotional an against our left brained thinking method but we should think about our actions and what we can do against it.

For most of us this worth more:


than this:


Sofie Tveit
27-11-19, 12:50
What if we stress on sustainable development?

You sound pessimistic, no offence.

I too strongly believe development with greedy mind set will not last. Those are temporary.

But if we focus on a development plan which give considerable amount of importance to renewable energy, waste reduction, reforestation etc. then we could live to witness a world with greater good. Even the technological experts opine that development without giving importance to environment will not last longer. May be they are too worried about global warming, who knows.

Tech that fall in wrong hands can prove to be fatal to the entire living organisms.

We can survive development only if we have a better blue-print with nature as a part of plan.