View Full Version : "Downfall"

03-01-17, 01:50
Netflix is offering the German film "Downfall" about Hitler's last days in his Berlin bunker as Russian troops encircled him.

It's an excellently done film, with uniformly good performances, and a superlative one by Bruno Ganz.

I can't say that I enjoyed it, however. The characters, without exception, are disgusting. Although I know it's true it's hard for me to credit that so many reasonably intelligent adults could become brainwashed automatons. They're like a hive of ants, not people. I can't even put into words my feelings about the monstrous Magda Goebels. Better for the world if people like that were never born.

My lasting impression is regret at what a small price they paid. It's a pity more of them didn't commit suicide. The rest should have rotted in prison until they died.