View Full Version : How not to look like a jerk at Italian Christmas festivities

04-01-17, 21:22
I thought this was a fun article. Whenever you live in another country it's a good idea to learn the local mores. Italy is no exception.


One item only applies to southern Italy: dancing the tarantella. If you're north of Rome and the people aren't transplanted southerners, they won't be dancing the tarantella. They won't be folk dancing at all, most likely, but if they were they'd be doing a giga or saltarella.

I don't know why the authors didn't include scopa in the list of card games. It's a great game. I don't know if it exists in other countries, or something like it.


I don't much like playing cards. I just like watching the bickering, and arguing, and insult throwing. It's like a play. :)


The three most important are: always bring a gift of wine and/or Christmas treats, eat everything you're offered, and don't get sloppy drunk, especially not at business affairs. It's not a "bella figura". Even just having four or five drinks will convince everyone you're a raging alcoholic.