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08-01-17, 23:28
Well I just got my FTDNA results and was given R-FGC20747 as haplogroup.

Can anyone tell me more information about this haplogroup? Where it might have originated and what group of people it is associated with? It's association with the other R1b haplogroups.

I read somewhere mentioning that this haplogroup is considered to be Iberian and it originated from the Russian Steppe. I also read it might be a Jewish ancestry.

29-04-17, 19:42
Have you joined our FGC20747 project? We are very actively researching this subclade. It does have a couple of sub-branches of Jewish ancestry, and the rest is largely Portuguese/Spanish in ancestry, but several other countries represented as well. We will send you more information when you join the project.

08-01-18, 18:19
Are you talking about the FamilyTree dna project? Or is there another one as well. Thanks