View Full Version : Child of a Corded Ware Dad and MN Mom

Fire Haired14
09-01-17, 18:52
It looks like a real child of a Steppe parent and MN parent has been found in early Corded Ware Germany.

Eurogenes Blog: The puzzle of the early Corded Ware grave (http://eurogenes.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-puzzle-of-early-corded-ware-grave_8.html)

DNA of three men was sequenced in 2015 in an early Corded Ware grave in Germany. All three had Y DNA R1a. Two had Steppe mtDNA haplogroups; U4 and J1b1a1. One had WHG/MN mtDNA; U5b1c2. The one with WHG/MN mtDNA clusters exactly half way between Middle Neolithic Germans and Corded Ware PCA. Therefore it's probable he had an MN mom and a Corded Ware/Steppe Dad.

He clusters with modern SouthCentral Europeans(Hungary, Croatia, etc.). Modern Central Europeans though probably aren't a simple 50/50 MN/Corded Wareish mixture. Their MN ancestors may have had more WHG and they probably have some post-Neolithic CHG/Iran Neo ancestry.

Anyways it's amazing to see admixture between Steppe and MN happen in real time.

09-01-17, 19:07
Cool, to see a piece of social structure from 4,500 years ago. Thing that wouldn't be possible without genetics.
It means that MN woman was "adopted" to CW tribe. Otherwise these 3 men wouldn't be together in one grave.

It would be also great to find MN village and see if they "adopted" someone from CW too. Possibly it was only one way street, or there were so few MN folks left in Northern Europe that it didn't matter much?