View Full Version : Are North-East Europeans pysically/genetically closer to East Eurasians?

20-01-17, 16:28
Russians, Lithuanians, Finns look visibly East Eurasian influenced to me. It's not the pigmentation but the facial features like wide cheekbones, often slanted or almost slanted eyes and other traits.

24-01-17, 23:24
The Russians have an admixture from Ugro-Finns and steppe folk. Some say it's around 20%. The Lithuanians and the Finns are well known to have ancient ties with East Eurasians and the Finns are speaking a language derived from such people. I'm more interested in the presence of these traits in the Swedes and the Norwegians and even in some Poles.

27-01-17, 23:32
the question is that these "Finns" were not a pure 'east-asian' component, and that the 'east-asian' component they have is inequally evolved towards the 'mongolid' side - that said, yes even in West and even South Slavic pops, and among Hungarians, some 'east-asian' features can be found (very tiny and seldom) at the individual level) not always to put on the account of Slavs - Some Scandinavians too can show these features, butit's seldom, apart in some Finnic vicinity or origins -