View Full Version : FTDNA Advanced Matches: match in Y-DNA12 and in Family finder in the same time

21-01-17, 09:33
Dear collegues,

I'm David, genealogist from Slovenia. New to DNA research. Plese help me with this.

I'm predicted I-A196 (I-Z140) haplogroup and waiting for SNP test results.
In FTDNA Advanced matches I have one person with whom I share a match on Y-DNA12 (1 step match) and in the same time also 22 centimorgans on 5th chromosome in Family Finder. He is from UK and he is I-S12289 (I-L338/I-Z140).

Would this indicate any real ancient connection (common ancestor) or is this just a misleading information (no distant relation at all)?

Thank you very much for your help!

Good day to all.