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Fire Haired14
26-01-17, 04:19
New Post at my blog: Finland (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2017/01/finland.html)

1% Siberian mtDNA and 10% Siberian ancestry in the Finns indicate most of their Siberian ancestors were male. 50% of Finns belong to "founder effect" mHGs unique to NorthEastern Europe. Interestingly founder effect mHGs are often in the same haplogroup. For example mHG V has three founder effect lineages, H1a has three, and mHG U5b1b has two. I don't know how to explain this.

A Finnish U5a1* shares a unique mutation with a Mesolithic Motala_HG U5a1*. This isn't a suprise because autosomal DNA indicates that to some degree NorthEast European hunter gatherers were integrated into the Steppe/MN farmer hybrid communities who migrated to NorthEast Europe starting with Corded Ware.