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26-01-17, 07:12
Hi U152 cousins (aka R1b1b2a1a2d at 23andMe)

Any of you who want to dig way deeper on your Y DNA, yseq have released a testing panel.

This means they will test all the way down to possibly your most recent marker :)


26-01-17, 13:24
Interesting for people who have tested with 23andMe and want to know their deep clade. However for anyone who hasn't tested their genome yet, it is more advantageous to order a test like Geno 2.0 or LivingDNA, which also test deep R1b clades in addition to deep mtDNA clades and autosomal DNA.

26-01-17, 15:36
I was disappointed with my Geno 2.0 result as expected a more refined U152 result. It just gave U152 that I knew I was already. Z56 or Z193 is not recognized nor is L2 in some cases on the chip which I tested!

Thomas Krahn at yseq.net is in the process of updating the U152 haplogroup panel test

These U152 SNPs are currently covered by this panel:

U152, L2, Z68, Z142, Z51, Z57, S1491, S1480, A8439, Z29988, A8442, A8446, Z148, Z52, CTS11232, CTS278, Z12222 (replacing Z150), CTS7970, S7409, A8803, CTS8125, CTS11381, Y17091, L553, L654, S42, CTS7197, FGC12378, FGC12383, FGC12401, FGC22963, Y20026, FGC22968, FGC22942, FGC22952, FGC22938, BY3618, S8183, S22778, Y17179, S5490, S20782, Y12398, Y12696, Y13610, FGC20796, FGC20774, FGC20777, Y17274, FGC20786, S8172, Z367, L20, Z291, BY3575, BY3596, Z1910, Y6792, S20363, CTS9733, S1505, BY3558, BY3557, BY3570, Y12492, FGC17183, BY3585, BY3598, BY2171, BY3592, BY3559, A7082, Z259, Z257, CTS1073, PF7623, S9635, PF6627, BY3604, FGC4183, FGC8158, BY3494, FGC4166, S16930, S23443, S18014, A12406, FGC36273, FGC5336, PF7599, FGC10516, FGC10530, FGC10525, BY3482, A12407, CTS5689, S1569, S1566, CTS10009, CTS3080, DF110, Y3964, A1718, L196, Y3960, DF90, FGC29430, A11708, BY2823, A12409, BY3508, BY3506, FGC13620, FGC13619, BY3481, L199, A12414 (replacing L408), FGC22538, FGC22516, FGC52322, A12415 (replacing BY3487), BY3513, BY3483, A6454, Y22299, BY820, BY3507, FGC5301, PF7609, CTS5531, Z67, CTS10222, CTS8149, A7969, A7970, A7974, CTS188, A7977, BY3541, A7981, A12419, FGC6411, FGC6511, S8024, A7986, S8034, PH2997, A7993, S8010, A8020, Y17163, Y16885, Y17172, Y16884, A8033, PF6645, PF6641, Z56, BY3548, CTS10851, PF6582, PF6577, FGC36902, FGC36897, FGC36895, A8251, PH4078, Z72, Z30020, S47, Z48, Z44, S4634, A5314, S1523, S1527, L4, FGC37210, FGC37197, BY3958, Z192, Z194, Y17621, Y16001, PF6655, PF6666, CTS2904, Z30109, Z30110, PF6662, PF6685, Z30120, Z30124, Z30125, PF7634, Z30128, Z30129, PF7629, A12424, BY3629, Z30138, Z30143, Z30145, Z30147, PF6693, PF7636, PF6692, PF6696, PF7641, A12428, Z30187, Z30190, Z30192, Z30197, Z30199, BY3634, Z30200, Z30201, PF6707, Z30207, Z30209, PF6716, Z30211, Z30212, Z30213, PF6715, Z30214, A12452, CTS617, A12463, CTS36, A12510, Z30038, CTS4562, Y16334, CTS11993, Z30043, BY3843, Z30060, BY3635, FGC5058, FGC5040, BY3654, BY3856, BY3631, S20550, Y6354, A9024, BY3647, A12514, A517, A12515, A520, PF6608, BY3858, A1773, A274, A275, BY3550, BY3537.

If you don't see the SNP you require email him at [email protected] so he can add it to the new version. :)

26-01-17, 16:01
Please note some of the SNPs have different names than FTDNA :)