View Full Version : mtDNA phylogeny redrawed by a Chinese team

27-01-17, 05:12
The mtDNA phylogeny have experienced several and major changes in this new paper.

According to the authors haplogroup R is splitted between R, R0 and LM

What do you think?


Fire Haired14
27-01-17, 07:18
That tree is complete %^*).

27-01-17, 08:36
Their phylogeny is different because they set the root of the tree to be at R.

If you look at the branching pattern you can see it is actually pretty much the same as the normal one, only the root is different; and that is different because they predetermined it rather than rooting with an outgroup or whatever.

Same with their Y chromosome tree: it's the same branching, but they have predetermined the root to be at F.

Fire Haired14
27-01-17, 09:12
The problem is their predetermination is wrong.