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31-01-17, 02:45
Hello there, I have some questions about my Y-DNA haplogoup which is described as I-F3145. So, Am I right that is other name of I2a1b-L621? Is this a specific mutation of I2a1b-L621?
Could we estimate when and where live a man who start I-F3145 lineage?

31-01-17, 17:57
YSEQ indicates that F3145 is equivalent to L621, which YFull indicates has a clade age of 11300 YBP and a TMRCA of 6500 YBP. Hope that's not too much jargon for you.

Most I2-L621 is in the branch nicknamed "I2a-Din." I doubt you'll have too much trouble finding debate about its history and migration patterns.

02-04-17, 00:45
Thanks for your answer. I have one more question. Can we say that haplogroup I-Y3548 is a equivalent of I-L621/I2-Din? Or is this continuation of I-L621?