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04-02-17, 14:18

My results on FTDNA simply say "HV".

When I ran my RSRS values through http://dna.jameslick.com/mthap/ I came up with HV0 as my best match.

Makes sense as I have marker 16298C.

Are there any other sites I can run my results through and figure out what subclade I'm in without paying more at FTDNA?

Also, where can I learn more about HV0/Pre-V and it's distribution?

04-02-17, 14:27
Also - I see that V is most common in Iberia and Scandinavia, with significant pockets in Northwest Africa. I see that it's evenly distributed at very low numbers around the rest of Europe. My direct maternal line is from Trentino/Southern Tyrol, where we still have close family today. Anyone know if V has been found in this region in any significant numbers?

03-09-18, 12:51

17-07-19, 18:14
Hello Ben,
I did my DNA with 23and me. My results say I am HVO. I uploaded my raw data to GedMatch. If you have not done this yet, give it a try. They say I have a 1st cousin twice removed in England.