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04-02-17, 19:26
That's after taking it out, of course. Apparently, when they messed around with the genes in order to make tomatoes more red, and big, and to have a longer shelf life, none of the scientists actually tasted them. How else couldn't they have realized that in the process they edited out the taste?

So, they then had to spend years trying to put it back in. If they make these kinds of mistakes with a damn tomato, how many will they make on humans?

Anyway, see here:

What I've been doing in terms of fresh tomatoes in the mean time is buying the very small "cherry" tomatoes, or heirloom tomatoes in season from our farmers. I also grow my own in pots, because the farmers only come all the way in once a week.

Some may not be pretty, and they're not uniform, but they taste good.

Now, could they please put the scent back in tea roses? I ripped out all mine a couple of years ago; yes, they last all summer, and yes they have a beautiful shape and come in glorious colors. They just have no scent. Plus, they're incredibly high maintenance with all the diseases to which they're prone, and they look better in a vase than they do growing. Now I have roses closer to the natural variety, although they've tinkered with them to get them to last longer. They smell great, look great in the garden, but they do have a tendency to get "blowsy" and unkempt looking pretty soon. They still need some work.

I went from these spindly plants:

To shrubs like this:

Speaking of plants which need modification, I wish they'd make peonies longer lasting and with a stem which doesn't have to be propped up by a trellis.

04-02-17, 19:44
I like a nice traditional meaty tomato and I dislike all the new variants.
But I don't blame the DNA or other manipulators. I blame the marketeers.