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07-02-17, 02:56
I haven't taken the Big Y test yet, but I have been confirmed by Family Tree DNA as positive for R-S4056, the DF93 downstream portion of R-U198. It appears to be most common in men of Rhenish German, Dutch, Flemish, and English descent.

Does anyone have any other particulars on this haplogroup branch than that which I've mentioned, such as a possible timeframe? Just curious. And thanks for your responses!

11-02-17, 00:27
Hello? Anybody? Is this thing on?

Duns Scotus
15-10-17, 05:51
thanks for posting. I am sorry there is so little activity on this site. I have tested similarly but my genealogical trace leads to Northern France

19-12-17, 02:33
Thanks for your reply! Certainly northern France is within the same region as the North Sea coast, and it appears that perhaps it was common among the Saxons, Frisians, and perhaps Franks.

17-02-18, 22:03
I’m also positive for R-S4056. My paternal line has been traced to the Prignitz area of Brandenburg, Germany in the late 1700s. However, I suspect that they were likely originally Dutch or Flemish. Large numbers of Dutch & Flemish settlers moved to this area, starting in the Middle Ages.

01-11-18, 21:41
I just received my Big Y-500 results back and my terminal SNP is BY161104. I'm pretty sure this is of Dutch origin even though my paternal ancestors came to Pennsylvania from Baden.

12-03-19, 00:21
Another update:

It appears that Family Tree DNA has upgraded my Big Y-500 test to the Big Y-700 test and matched me with another cousin who had recently taken the 700. My new terminal SNP is R-BY186499.