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17-02-17, 02:49
It's absolutely riveting, and based on the real experiences of six ex-military CIA contract soldiers involved in trying to save the Americans at the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi. I stayed up way too late to watch it, and couldn't take my eyes off the screen because the action was too fast. Unfortunately, given the politics of reviewers in America it didn't receive the attention it deserved, even though the writers of the book upon which it is based and the director and producer kept American politics strictly out of it. The acting was uniformly excellent, btw, but John Krasinski was a revelation. Believe it or not it's also funny occasionally.

It should serve as a lesson for anyone who thinks CIA analysts, or "spies", are all seeing, all knowing people who can direct the affairs of other nations. I've never seen such a collection of elitist, privileged, over-educated stupid twits totally out of touch with reality in my entire life, and believe me, I've had some experience with people like that. They all should have been fired, especially the Chief of Station, not just allowed to retire.

"13 Hours: The Secret Heroes of Benghazi"


It's available for free if you're an Amazon prime subscriber, and for purchase elsewhere, but it's expensive.

17-02-17, 04:55
I liked this movie too. I consider it fairly accurate and believable.