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21-02-17, 16:39
What an incredibly brutal death he suffered.


"DUNDEE, SCOTLAND—BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-39002843) reports that a team of researchers led by Sue Black of the Center for Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee has recreated the face of a Pictish man whose skeleton was discovered in the Scottish Highlands, in a cave on the coast of the Black Isle peninsula. Examination of his bones revealed that he had suffered from at least five serious head injuries, including broken teeth on the right side of his face; a fractured jaw on the left; a fracture to the back of his head, probably after falling from the first two blows; and a wound through the head that was probably made with the same weapon. The fifth injury is thought to have come from a larger weapon to the top of the skull. Radiocarbon dating indicates that he was killed some 1,400 years ago. Large stones had been placed on his arms and legs, which were crossed to keep the remains in place. Excavation leader Steven Birch said it was clear the man was carefully buried, though the team members don’t know why he was brutally killed."

I usually find the reconstructions done in Britain rather unconvincing, and this is no exception. It looks like they just softened the look of someone like Charlton Heston. :)



So much for the claim on another thread here that real European men are marked by small noses and a soft eyebrow area. :) I think young Americans are under the mistaken impression that the girlish if not babyish looking Justin Biebers and Ryan Goslings of the male universe are the standard for "European looking" "men". Not. :)


22-02-17, 23:42
why are they so often putting beard on reconstructions, masking by the fact the very informative jaws features?
maybe the man had beard but it's of no importance, except for a peplum - Celts knew more than a mode concerning pilous system and were often bare chinned - if they keep on like that, one day, a winded head reconstructor will put a beard to a female!