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23-02-17, 20:52
Hello. I'm a new boy on here. My DNA test came back with the following. My sub type is R1b- L617 which is seemingly rare - seen in less than 0.03% of British men but has been observed in two men from Cambridgeshire.

R1b-S116 - Beaker Folk

Your YDNA marker is that of the BEAKER FOLK and your earliest ancestors reached Britain and Ireland some time around 2500BC. Named after a particularly fine style of decorated pottery, the Beaker Folk also brought other skills to these islands. It appears that they could extract copper from ore and work it. This was probably seen as a magical process – the use of fire to change dull ore into bright and shiny objects such as jewellery and weaponry. They were also skilled goldsmiths. Your marker arose from haplogroup R1b. It is very common in Western Europe and also has outliers as far east as the Uighur peoples of Western China, and in India and Russia.