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Well I do not have any spiritual rights,
I simply Copy paste from links
and add some comments.

Piracy comes from the Greek word πειραω-πειρω
πειρα = experience
πειραομαι = Ι attempt, I attack, I take my chance, I provoke my luck.
πειρασις Πειραζω = effort to seduce, I act to effect your judgement
πειρατης = επιχειρηματιας = businessman

Part 1
Piracy before archaic times,

The first piracy is unkown when happened.
piracy is a strange situation that be considered as bad, as good, as illegal, and as legal (corsair)
the myth give as older the Jason ΙΑΣΩΝ and his ΑΡΓΟΝΑΥΤΕΣ Argonauts

the strange is that although a myth, left marks even today
like the toponym Ιασωνειον cape Jason or Yasun Burnu at Pontus of Turkey among Amisos and Kotyora near the today Caytepe


that act is Hymned by Apollonios of Rhodes and mentioned even at Ορφικα.


At very early historical times we have a still not well defined balance and situation
among naval forces of the time,
It seems like Minoans were the kings of mediterennean sea
and also were the 'police' in the naval forces of the area and era,
about Minoans and generally Cretans the discuss on the forum is rich in data.

On the the other side the most tremendous pirates (maybe of all time)
are considered the Sea peoples.
about sea peoples many have been told in this forum


Thyrrenians (or Pelasgians?)

well about Pelasgians and Thyrrenians and Etruscans
the talk is very hot, since we do not have a clear view
and the new searches and archaiological found, give always a new view and theory,
From Italy to Greece or minor Asia to Greece to Italy?
the Lemnean stele certified that Thyrrenians existed at both,
I will stay just to that and what the ancient writers write,
that Ancient Athens (before Temenides return - Dorians) spoke Thyrrenian
that they were exiled from Attica (hatti-con)
they raid back and kidnap women.
and Miltiades campaign against them.
generally known as Lemnian bad curse (Λημνια κακα)
Generally Thyrrenian of Aegean are considered that practice Piracy.


Phoenicians were always tremendous seafaring nation
Karhedon (Carthage) was Phoenician colony
Phoenician were great merchants and many times practice piracy
their ship are mentioned as triaconters biremes pentaconters

My personal pirate hero, the one I like is Varvakis Ιωαν Βαρβακης the lord of Caviar.
but I must admit that Lampros Katsonis Λαμπρος Κατσωνης is by far the bravest soul of Pirates

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Part 2

Piracy at historical times


repeat I have no spiritual rights
I just copypaste for educational reasons

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Part 3

Piracy after the fall of Byzantines
Greek Pirates


I have no spiritual rights
I just copypaste for educational reasons

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One of the pirates maybe the richest of all ever times
although he did not made his money from Piracy,

a legend that some modern claim that he was the 'invisible principal' of 'Philliki Etaireia' (Con/polis Patriarch, Great Kathreen of Russia, Queen of England, Vienna circle, Ypsilantis, etc etc are proposed in time)
The lord of caviar
is Ιωαννης Βαρβακης


his origin was the island of Ψαρρα (Psara)
His name means sea hawk

he was known (even today) as the Lord of caviar,
cause he first created and monopolize the caviar trade all over the world.

his death was a torture, a tottaly FREE spirit, a man that lost many times, but raised many times to win, a man who traveled at open seas and open steppes of Asia
since no crime, they imprisoned him by closing him to a sanatorium for tuberculosis by the 'loan masters of the revolt'
the eternal disease of modern Greek state, 1820's 1890' etc etc

the end of his life

there is a movie, not a hyper-production with shining names,
and some mistakes, about his life and action,


Psara his island was burned to the ground,

Barbakis memory is stll alive,cause the youth of revolt were not foreigners, no matter his enemies wanted him to be erased by modern Greeks
cause he build schools, commerce centers, etc etc, educating and helping modern Greeks
a national hero, who help in Battle, in Economy , in Education

the high school / college that carried his name


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Λαμπρος Κατσωνης

Lambros Katsonis Ламброс Кацонис


well every body knows about that picture

or this one


but who knows about the name and the area of that meeting,

the palace has the name Livadiya after Lambros Katsonis Homeland,

Lampbros Katsonis is considered a magnificent corsair
He and HAyreddin Berbarossa are considered the top of naval minds
both act as pirates but mainly as corsair,

Pirate is a privateer from Greek πιαρ πιειρα = prosperous
Corsair is the pirate that acts under a state flag, on a mission by a state that carries its flag.

about Lambros Katsonis life wiki is enough,

https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CE%9B%CE%AC%CE%BC%CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%82_%CE%9A% CE%B1%CF%84%CF%83%CF%8E%CE%BD%CE%B7%CF%82


He was the godfather of Odysseas Androutsos, the famous Arvanitan Klephtis -Armatolos captain of 1821 revolt.
in fact he consider him as his son, (Φιλλικη Εταιρεια)
Klephtes = pirates on land
Armatoloi = corsair or militia police on land.


he was killed by an Albanian at Crimea , (Milenko Ratkovic Gusarska Epopeja)

his history,
Born At Livadia Greece,
at age 16 went to Zakynthos due to Venician occupation, cause he was accused by murdering Turk officers.
At Orlov's revolt he served the Russian fleet,
after this he took place in Russo-Iranian wars,

at 1787 Katsonis abandons admiral Potemkin and moves to Tergeste (Trieste)
there with help of Greeks buys a frigate named as 'Athena of Arktos' (an epithet used for tsarina great Aikaterine of Russia)
in one year he captures 14 ottoman ships and makes a strong base on Zakynthos with a fleet of 15 ships.

at 15 April 1789 he manage a big victory against Turk and Albanian forces inside Epidamnos (Dyrrachion) closing Ottomans at Aegean and east meditterenean,
a move that kept years Turk-Albanian forces away from west.

at 4 of July 1789 Katsonis dismiss the rest Ottoman fleet of Aegean sea, at Syros and Mykonos.
at 27 July same year he revolt against High Gate (sultan) and ask no taxes to be given to Sultan.

that move was considered revolt,
Katsonis after that is expelled from Christian churches.
and must watch his back sice christians must not support him more,

Sultan also ask help from all over the empire and the rest Islamic world,
Algeria sends her fleet but Katsonis manage to send them back, at 3 August 1789,

Sultan now ask for betray and orders the Morosini Mavrogenis family (Maurogeno)
to stop him offering an island,
few days later Katsonis makes the impossible at Kea,

the passage from the land,


or another view


from that narrow piece of land, where at 1rst photo we see a house,
is named Περασμα του Κατσωνη, Katsonis Passage
at the island Κεα or Tzia.

at winter he is repairing his fleet
and next year he takes his Κουμπαρος (comparde) (the father of kid that he was godfather)
with 500 men and makes Κεα island a fortress.

at 17 May 1790 at Cavo Doro καβο ντορο he fights with 16 Ottoman ships and next day with the united fleet of Algerian and Ottoman fleet,
more than 30 ships,
at the end he burns his frigate and escape with 2 helping fast small boats,

katsonis moves to Μανη Mane and ask help from Russia,
Russia already signed treaty with Ottoman empire,
and ask him to stop hostility,
then he writes this

<<Οθεν οι Ρωμαιοι, που με τα ιδια τους χρωματα κατεχρωματισαν τα Ρωσσικα σηματα,
Τοτε θελουν παυσει ανα εχθρευονται τους Εχθρους, με τους οποιους η Ρωσσια συνεφιλλιωθει,
Οταν λαβουν τα δικαια οπου τους ανηκουν,>>
<<Eαν η αυτκρατειρα συνωμολγησεν Ειρηνη, Ο Κατσωνης δεν συνωμολογησεν ακομα την ιδικη του>>
his epistole with signature has been found at Netherlands national archives by Π Σταμου.

and he accused Russia for second abbandon of Greek target,
(first was Orlov's),
in fact that was an open war against Russia, that last a short time.

he moves to Μανη Mane and raises his flag at Πορτο Καγιο Porto kayio


he claims the title Liberator de la Grecia,

Turks attack him with 30 ships, his new smaller and weaker fleet destroyed, but the battle goes to land,
were Katsonis manage to resist for long time,
finally the bey of Mane by the fear of Turks turns against him,
and from there he moves to Venician occupation island of Ithake.

after that he moves to St Petersburg,
and from there retires at Crimea and makes Livadiya village,
growing grapes, and making a kind of votka from grapes.

bellow is a painting showing Ottomans surrender to Katsonis

After Katsonis the dream from Russian help to liberate Greece vanish.

Greek were tired to wait from Italian forces to help them in a massive revolt,
with Orlov's and Katsonis, also dies the Russian help dream.

a next dream arose with Napoleon,
that dream was a hoax again,
but teach us something,
as Napoleon manage with a revolt based in Francais and his own power,
same way should be done the Greek revolt,
a mistake that from 4rth crusade always play tricks with Greeks.

the old man of Moreas Kolokotronis writes,
in a free translation,
''at 1805 char Alexander of Russia ask us to join him to attack Napoleon,
what we have to do with Napoleon.
that is not our war,
if he wants to help us liberate then surely we can find 5 and 10 000 men for sure.
but no need to help him against Napoleon.''

«Εις τα 1805 πηγαίνω εις την Ζάκυνθον. Ο Αυτοκράτωρ Αλέξανδρος κάμνει πρόσκλησιν διά να γραφθούν οι Έλληνες εις τα στρατεύματα. Κάμνομεν όλοι μια αναφορά, Σουλιώται, Ρουμελιώται και Πελοποννήσιοι, εις τον Αυτοκράτορα και του ζητούμεν βοήθειαν διά να ελευθερώσωμεν τον τόπον μας. Ο Αναγνωσταράς ενήργησε να γίνη η αναφορά... Ομιλώ με τον Αρχηγόν των Ρωσικών στρατευμάτων και με λέγει, ότι ο Αυτοκράτωρ τον διέταξε να παραδεχθή* εις την δούλευσιν* όσους θέλουν να έμβουν* και να υπάγουν* να κτυπήσουν τον Ναπολέοντα. Του αποκρίνομαι: "Όσον διά το μέρος μου, δεν εμβαίνω εις την δούλευσιν. Τι έχω να κάμω με τον Ναπολέοντα; Αν θέλετε όμως στρατιώτας διά να ελευθερώσωμεν την πατρίδα μας σε υπόσχομαι και πέντε και δέκα χιλιάδας στρατιώτας. Μια φορά εβαπτισθήκαμεν με το λάδι, βαπτιζόμεθα και μιαν με το αίμα και άλλην μιαν διά την ελευθερίαν της πατρίδος μας"».

we nothing to do with other powers activities,
we are a nation with no brothers (αναδελφον).

Πορτο Καγιο Μανη
Porto Kayio Mane


island of Kea

the town of Livadia homeland of Katsonis


ακρωτηριον καφηρεας Καβο Ντορο Cavo Doro


island of Zakynthos

venician style carnival at Zakynthos


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Nikos Tsaras, Nikotsaras

His father was Panos Tsaras,
they belong to armatoliki (a kind of militia, being both legal and illegal (klephtes)) of Meidanis of upper Makedonia and Olymp.
the biggest semi autonomous militia under Ottoman empire at the 1750+ till.
when Ali Pasha raise enough manage to split their unity, dividing them with titles and money, (VlachoThodoros vs Tsaras), but did manage to control their lands
He was the fear enemy of Ali-pasha, with Lazaioi and old Liolios, with Olympos Ntaifa black ships. (kapetan Stathas) he raided N Aegean, and aided Pesvanoglu pasha against Ali,
his armatoliki and allies are the reason Ali pashadid not manage exit to N Aegean.
his father was killed by Vlachothodoros, who took titles and money from Ali-pasha for this,
(he also assasin Zedros teen son)
no matter both swear oath to oldman Zedros, a vice captain of Meindanis
Nikotsaras was adopted and protected by Lazaioi family as teenager,
he took place at many battles and raids, especially at Russian Turkish wars,
but he did not manage to take part at the Greek revolt,
wounded by a turkAlban assasin at Litochoro.

Olympos Ntaifa and armatoliki
Stathas ( only ntaifa)
kapetan Basilis (only ntaifa)
Blachabas (his village was the frontier of Ali-pasha)
Roumpas (-***)

Nikotsaras also fought at Serbia revolt at 1802,
At Zichna and Pravi of Kaballa region he stood with 400 men against 8000 Turks of Ismael pasha of Serres.
in fact at 3rd day he escape attacking their camp.


Nikotsaras Hive at Skiathos



skiathos island

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/kNsKMZQfszEQpapLyWz8fG3rBtgG4ImMA9XMwTA-Fam0Jmi5cvX61XBedH3MdGmhd3wiKLnHt90kbrf37RF4_TNCvT wTdYsURg