View Full Version : BBC's Gladiators: Back from the Dead aka some of the headless Roman gladiators!

06-03-17, 03:39
Didn't see the documentary on the possible Gladiators from Eboracum (York, England) listed here! Did you guys see it!?! (Sorry in advance if it was though before!). I am very interested in these guys as I matched two skeletons from this same cemetery - Driffield Terrace in York. I matched 3drif-16 and 6drif-3 on the Y-chromosome (6drif-3 was closer to me SNP marker wise - but this also means that both 3drif-16 and 6drif-3 are related on the Y-Chromosome and that means maybe they came from the same tribe/collection of tribes??)! The list of SNPs I share with 6drif-3 are as follows: R1b-U106-Z381-Z156-Z304/306-DF98-S1911-S1894/S1900-S4004/FGC14818/FGC14823-FGC14816/FGC14817! Here is the first bit of the film... I can't find it anymore on youtube :-(. You can find part 2 and 3 listed on the right of the screen etc! Actually the "heavyweight" skeleton is 6drif-3 (I matched them up per size of skeleton and sharp blade trauma and also butterfly fracture on right ulna!) ;-). I hope they test more of them in the future. I hear Blink films is working with Durham Uni to produce an episode for Smithsonian Channel series Secrets that discuss the 2016 DNA results of some of these gladiators - including both 3drif-16 and 6drif-3. Not sure when it will be out though! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdssxt_gladiators-back-from-the-dead-1-3_shortfilms

06-03-17, 19:38
ahh now it's back up on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc0FvOCqIYU&t=231s