View Full Version : FAQ: How can we trace our ancestry with DNA? Which DNA test to choose?

07-03-17, 15:09
I have updated an old FAQ page about ancestry DNA tests: Ancestral DNA tests: what should I know before I start? (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/dna_project_faq.shtml)

It explains among others how can we trace our ancestry with DNA and which DNA test to choose.

08-03-17, 11:53
Please don't hesitate to provide your feedback. I have created this page to help newcomers to historical population genetics understand what they can expect from an ancestral DNA test. My aim is also to help everyone choose the appropriate DNA testing company for their needs. It's easy to go with the wrong company then waste money by having to order extra tests from another company. By reading this article I hope that it will be clear to anybody what test(s) they should go for.