View Full Version : Still not able to post directly

08-03-17, 18:55
If anyone has an idea how to fix this, I would appreciate it. :)
I try to post and it still says awaiting moderation.

08-03-17, 23:14
Not sure why exactly.

I've approved them, so they should show now. Posts are going through anti-spamming filter. Have you been reported as a spammer on other websites?

09-03-17, 12:35
Not that I can think of. I am currently in Ethiopia and been in 10 different countries last year. IP changes frequently.

10-03-17, 18:00
What I am asking you is whether or not the quick change of IP addresses could be the cause. And if there is a database of spammers or a name of the plugin used restricting me where I can get access to the source of this.

10-03-17, 18:35
PM sent to you.

13-03-17, 10:44
[email protected] and [email protected] are the emails used from the two merged accounts. Contacted all 3 of the spammetizers you have suggested. All gave me green light. What is the issue? Who do I contact next?

13-03-17, 10:48
Adding some useless words to make it possible to quote:

Hi Mike.
Thank you for your email.
We are not familiar with the 2 email addresses provided by you, so those should not trigger any
type of restrictions.
Are you aware of who moderates the forum you are interested in participating in?

13-03-17, 22:55
Have you tried to sign up with a brand new email account? If it's your email that is blacklisted that should fix it.

13-03-17, 23:56
Did you try different IP address? Log in from your friend's computer. Or from your cell when you are away from your wifi.