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Fire Haired14
12-03-17, 12:38
New Post at my Blog: Siberia, Past and Present (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2017/03/siberia-past-and-present.html)

An interesting look at Siberian mtDNA across time. Like in Europe, in Siberia there's a pretty large degree of mtDNA continuum between the "Neolithic"(7000-5000 BP) Siberia and modern times. And like in Europe there could have been a lot of changes caused by similar people after the "Neolithic."

I didn't mention this at my blog but the Y DNA of "Neolithic" Siberia and on a site in Bronze age Mongolia is majority Q1a3. So Y DNA turnovers may have occurred in Siberia after the "Neolithic."

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