View Full Version : religious wars in Europe : the wet dream of Erdogan

16-03-17, 17:22
The Turkish minister of foreign affaris Mevlut Cavusoglu predicts religious wars in Europe soon.
This is the polarization which makes Erdogan so popular among Turks.
It will bring him many votes and if he could start such war he would certainly not hesitate.
It would be an ideal scenario for him. He would support the Muslim warriors and he would be the impersonator of the new Ottoman empire.
Europe has let the Trojan horse enter.


16-03-17, 23:09
Erdogan is like Putin,

he controls so many corporations, especially of construction that you can not imagine
he is a unknown 000 millionaire,
on the other hand Islam outside Saudi Arabia has lost the traditional leaders like Kantafi or Sadam or even the Palaistinin Arafat.
and the wise King of Jordania does want to play such a role,
so the only who could earn from thr role 'Protector of Islam is he and only he'