View Full Version : The Clovis mystery and extra-terrestrial objects

16-03-17, 18:34

""The presence of elevated platinum in archaeological sites is a confirmation of data previously reported for the Younger-Dryas onset several years ago in a Greenland ice-core. The authors for that study concluded that the most likely source of such platinum enrichment was from the impact of an extraterrestrial object," Moore says."

""Our data show that this anomaly is present in sediments from U.S. archaeological sites that date to the start of the Younger-Dryas event. It is continental in scale—possibly global—and it's consistent with the hypothesis that an extraterrestrial impact took place."He says the Younger-Dryas coincides with the end of Clovis culture and the extinction of more than 35 species of ice-age animals. Moore says while evidence has shown that some of the animals were on the decline before Younger-Dryas, virtually none are found after it.
Moore says that would indicate an extinction event for North America.
He also says the platinum anomaly is similar to the well-documented finding of iridium, another element associated with cosmic objects, that scientists have found in the rock layers dated 65 million years ago from an impact that caused dinosaur extinction."

16-03-17, 21:04
Another piece of evidence for a theory which is around for many years. Unfortunately nobody has found an impact crater, which should be found quite easily, especially with modern satellite technique. An explosion in the air would either mean that it was comet-like, then it wouldn't produce so much platin metals, or it was too small and vaporized above ground, then it wouldn't be able to cause so much extinction in the northern hemisphere. Who is hiding this thing?