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17-03-17, 01:17
I've recently received a LivingDNA mtDNA result of Haplogroup V with a subclade of V15a and have read the Haplogroup V guide listed on this site.

Whilst I found the guide to be very useful and informative, I have not, though, been able to find out much more information regrading V15a specifically other than it's presence in England, Norway and Armenia as well as it possibly being linked to the Indo-European migrations and Haplogroup R1b.

Any further information anyone may have regarding V15a would be very gratefully received. :)

17-03-17, 07:40
Unfortunately there is not much more information at the moment. Most mtDNA studies were done 5 to 15 years ago, and they didn't test deep clades then as we do now.

17-03-17, 15:03
Thank you again Maciamo. Hopefully future research will be able to spread some more light on this in due course. 🙂