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24-03-17, 03:04
Hi, I did my testing with Geno 2.0 and FTDNA (transferred dna) and my paternal line is P310. Ii read that this branch is not defined? Can anyone help me understand what this means.

24-03-17, 03:57
Start here:

24-03-17, 23:03
Thanks. It's a very thorough article

24-03-17, 23:19
It means that you are not just P310 (nobody is), but Geno 2.0 was not able to determine your deeper subclade because they probably only test the two main subclades U106 and U152, but not A8051 and DF100. So you are probably one of the latter two.


Thor u106
23-12-17, 23:02
I also was a geno2.0 transfer to ftdna and R U106 was my end result. I then took the U106 superclade test at yseq and my results were S19589> S11493, rare branches geno 2.0 doesn't even test for. I would recommend one of yseq 's panels.