View Full Version : What are some useful tips for writing my first article?

06-04-17, 21:31
What are some useful tips for writing my first article?

07-04-17, 04:05
Interesting and not too long. ;)

24-10-18, 15:44
The main rules in writing the first article -
- Right structure
- No errors
- And key words
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25-02-19, 13:38
Read another one. And it is really so. Only reading can help you with writing. I would recommend you to read a couple of articles on your subject. Surely you know what do you want. So just choose a book or a journal and read, read, read. If it sounds quite difficult, check the grademiners (https://legitimate-writing-services.blogspot.com/2016/03/grademiners-com-review.html) resource. I would really recommend you to think about it better. Order an article somewhere or try your own strength. Everything is up to you.