View Full Version : Where is the "coolest" place you've lived?*

29-04-17, 21:50
And when?

*at least 3 months

For me: 1st and 1st, "Nexus of the Universe," Manhattan, Sept '06-Sept '07

29-04-17, 22:09
If you count an entire region: Western Europe, June '06-August '06

03-05-17, 20:06
May I say, My girlfriend's heart, is the coolest place I have ever lived. As for the time, I should say, always.
Nothing to do with the geographic place, or the weather, the culture, nothing else,
Just want to say, your heart decides. mojoii.com

04-05-17, 08:31
I'd say London is the most exciting place where I have lived. I have also lived in Berlin, Rome, Brussels and Tokyo, which are all 'cool' in their own way. I stayed one month in Barcelona, but didn't like it as much. Among places where I stayed for just a few weeks, Florence, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok are all great. I am not a fan of Paris, Amsterdam or Madrid though. They are beautiful cities, but I don't like the atmosphere (mostly in rudeness in Paris and Madrid, and the debauchery and dirt in central Amsterdam).

Brussels probably takes the longest to appreciate, as it is so decentralised and looks like a patchwork of towns, each with their own atmosphere, qualities and defects. It's also true of London to some extent, but there is definitely more diversity per square metre in Brussels.

04-05-17, 08:55
All the places I lived in were hot and dry :smile:

If I were to choose where I would settle for the rest of my life I would pick a place with a lot of Neoclassical architecture, I love those columns and archs, they just have a certain appeal.
I imagine my self just sitting there, playing chess, drinking coffee, or reading a novel.