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01-05-17, 16:38
Neandertal and Denisovan DNA from Pleistocene sediments


"Although a rich record of Pleistocene human-associated archaeological assemblages exists, the scarcity of hominin fossils often impedes the understanding of which hominins occupied a site. Using targeted enrichment of mitochondrial DNA we show that cave sediments represent a rich source of ancient mammalian DNA that often includes traces of hominin DNA, even at sites and in layers where no hominin remains have been discovered. By automation-assisted screening of numerous sediment samples we detect Neandertal DNA in eight archaeological layers from four caves in Eurasia. In Denisova Cave we retrieved Denisovan DNA in a Middle Pleistocene layer near the bottom of the stratigraphy. Our work opens the possibility to detect the presence of hominin groups at sites and in areas where no skeletal remains are found."

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01-05-17, 18:32
they did it?

they manage to extract and isolate DNA from dust?

01-05-17, 20:05
they did it?

they manage to extract and isolate DNA from dust?

out of a lump of DNA in a sediment, they filter the human DNA

02-05-17, 06:08
The coolest thing about technology and human genius is that it can't stop to amaze and brings surprises like this one.