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27-05-17, 23:31
it happened to read this at news,

I just thought that interest some here,

it is study at Greece and specially Crete where people reach by far the big numbers of age,

in my village we also have that phenomena but to a lower %

anyway here is the link


Scientists discovered a new genetic variant that was not previously known to have cardioprotective qualities. The variant, rs145556679*, was associated with lower levels of both ‘bad’ natural fats – triglycerides – and ‘bad’ cholesterol – very low density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL). These factors lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.Amish founder population in the United States.

12-01-19, 02:33
In 2019, no one would even think of basing a cardiovascular genetic risk prediction on just one SNP. For a common disease like that, there's literally thousands of SNPs affecting the trait. They work in combinations and we all have them. Doesn't make sense to look up just the one. Just my two cents