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14-06-17, 09:05
Hi all,

I've recently been confirmed as part of a small, undefined grouping under R-YP276 - however I can find very little information on R-YP276 so I'm not sure how to interpret this.

Some people tell me my line has been in Scotland for 3000 years, some tell me I'm a result of the Normans, others say pre-norman migration, others say Frisian, others say Slavic.

I'm hoping somebody here can shed some light and help put me on the right track.

Thanks in advance

28-06-17, 23:57

Yours is downstream of L448, and is labeled as Viking Heritage, which I think is a very reasonable explanation, it occurs in Scotland (including the isles) Ireland (more east and north, including Dublin) and most importantly Scandinavia, with other R1a-Z284 subclades.

And no its not 3000 years in Scotland, most R-276 descend from its child lade R-275, with TMRCA of 1950 ybp, so a migration from Scandinavia into Scotland anytime in the last 2000 years, I'd put my money on Vikings.

05-07-17, 11:15
My thanks for your reply!

31-07-17, 05:18
I have some R-YP276 members with deep genealogies in my Williamson DNA project that I manage. If you are in FTDNA, I would like to invite you to join so we could look at the age of this haplogroup compared to their genealogies.