View Full Version : Three new U5b subclades in Eastern Europe

Fire Haired14
16-06-17, 08:28
New Post at my blog: Three new U5b subclades in Eastern Europe (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2017/06/three-new-u5b-subclades-in-eastern.html)

U5b1b[3] is the most interesting new subclade in my opinion. It might be specific to and popular in Russia, a place that has very little U5b. Therefore it might be a local "founder effect" and derived from a very specific group of Eastern European WHGs. The same is true for U5b1b1a and U5b1b2.

I've been able to find regional variety in U5b which *might* be a watered down version of the U5b variety which existed in the Mesolithic. For example U5b3 peaks in Iberia and Italy, U5b2a2 and U5b2a1 in Central/East Europe, U5b1i in Spain, U5b1f1a in Spain, U5b2b3 in Spain, U5b1b2-U5b1b1a-U5b1b[3] in Northeast Europe, U5b2c2b in the British Isles.

Plus, in the confusing mess of U5 results from Mesolithic Europe there are trends.