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Fire Haired14
01-07-17, 10:14
I know you guys are able to make distribution maps. If you don't know what I mean by distribution maps here are some Maciamo made (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/maps_Y-DNA_haplogroups.shtml). I have lots of cool mtDNA data but I'm not able to make maps like you guys do. Are either of you willing to make maps for me?

I especially want to make maps for a new analysis I've done. It's a haplotype analysis of 20,000 mtDNA samples from West Eurasia. I found 800 unique haplotypes-new subclades that exist in at least 2 different ethnic groups. These haplotypes probably represent young lineages and or just geographically specific lineages because most are restricted to a particular region. Some are pretty popular and therefore represent important haplogroups that geneticists haven't detected yet.

I want to make distribution maps which show the distribution of haplotype sharing for populations. The maps should be really interesting and give us reliable information unlike most mtDNA analysis.

To give you an idea of how reliable this type of analysis is here's are results for Poland, Lebanon, and South Italy.

Poland. N#=840.
1: Munich Germany(199).
2: Czechslovakia(202).
3: Austria(262)
4: Russia(625)
5: Belarus(267)

Percent of Polish haplotypes that are restricted to a particular region...
Eastern Europe; 28%
East/Central Europe; 18%
East Europe, Balkans; 13%
Not restricted to a one region; 23%

Lebanon. N#=958.
1: Palestine(121).
2: Jordan(290).
3: Egypt(278)
4: Syria(234)
5: Saudi Arabia(534)

South Italy. N#=568. *Didn't include other Italian populations.
1: Bosnia(141).
2: Serbia(139).
3: Macedonia(308).
4: Greece(389).
5: Romania(714).

Percent of South Italian haplotypes restricted to a particular region...
Balkans; 30%
Middle East; 19%
West Europe(xItaly); 16%
Not restricted to one region; 14%

Fire Haired14
01-07-17, 10:18
Here are results for Macedonia...

Macedonia. N#=308.
1: Serbia(139)
2: Bosnia(141)
3: Romania(714)
4: Bulgaria(855).
5: Greece(389)
6: South Italy(568)

Fire Haired14
01-07-17, 10:29
The accuracy of the results for haplotype analysis can be severely hurt by small sample size. I didn't show a Balkan result in my first post because there's lots of Balkan samples that I haven't included yet. When I do and get results for Balkan populations you guys will be amazed by how many Balkan-specific haplotypes there are and how many of them exist in Italy.

This is just one way to investigate the maternal relationship amoungst multiple populations. It's the best I've seen. Haplotypes are haplotypes not haplogroups because they're rare. If they were popular geneticists would have already discovered them and given them a name. Haplogroups are more successful and usually also much older lineages. Haplogroups exist across 1,000s of miles. Haplotypes on the other hand are usually exclusive to a certain populations and therefore can reveal more about the maternal relationship between two populations.

01-07-17, 10:36
It will be waiste of time.
Maps will be useless.

Fire Haired14
02-07-17, 06:47
Maciamo, Tomenable

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