View Full Version : French-Polish film "The Innocents"

02-07-17, 17:44
LeBrok directed my attention to this film. It is really worth watching: brilliantly directed, filmed and acted. The Polish actresses, particularly the two "leads", are just spectacular. I've never seen a film so accurately depict the life within a convent, which is a testament both to them and to the director. Of course, the film depicts far more than that; it's a profound exploration of both faith and ethics.

The forward says it is based on real experiences. I would love to know if the ending is true to the actual story. I have my doubts, but perhaps I've just grown too cynical.

This is the trailer:

One of many wonderful reviews:

06-01-19, 22:54
I watched this again last night. It's even more impressive the second time around.

If you haven't seen it, I really recommend that you give it a try.

For all the appalling subject matter, it lifts the human spirit. We are capable of wondrous things as well as horrors.