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15-07-17, 05:29
Judging by the Bruce Y-DNA Project, it appears that King Robert the Bruce could have belonged to R1b-S7432, which is right below DF27>ZZ12>ZZ41:


Fire Haired14
15-07-17, 07:27
Maybe the Bruce is from Spanish royalty.

28-01-18, 22:39
Excuse in advance the beginner question: so, what does it mean (if anything) to have a confirmed (by Family Tree DNA) Y-DNA haplogroup R-S7432 in context of Robert I of Scotland? Thank you for your patience as I begin to delve into the DNA side of my genealogy.

08-09-19, 15:29
Bruce Clan came from Normandy, France, a llitle town called Brix (latine : Brussus) in armorican Normandy (south of Cherbourg). Before that, the origins of this little nobility at those times was supposely dutch !! My familly came from there too, but no connection at all (simple villains (peasent)) even if i'm DF27+ (ZZ12) too but ZZ41- !!