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Fire Haired14
15-07-17, 15:56
mtDNA Atlas: The age of ULTIMATEness (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2017/07/the-age-of-ultimateness.html)

I've finally reached the peak of research capabilities I've been trying to reach for 2 years. To be completely honest, I don't think anyone has the type of database I have or has done the type of analysis I have. And I'm just getting started.

I'm going to continue focus on West Eurasian, mostly European, mtDNA until I make some ground breaking discoveries. European mtDNA is really uniform. But I'm finding ways to find diversity within Europe. European mtDNA is so uniform because European mtDNA derives from the same handful inbreed populations and at similar percentages.

15-07-17, 16:26
Anything interesting to share about H1e?

15-07-17, 16:29
Cool, we need people with the drive to do this. The exponential increase of knowledge in this field is very exciting, I can't wait what we will know in 2025. I myself would like to see a map of W5; maybe I should make one myself, if I have enough data:-)

Fire Haired14
15-07-17, 16:55
Anything interesting to share about H1e?

H1e is one of the more popular H1 clades alongside H1a, H1b, H1c. It has a really western distribution, a peak in Italy but still high frequencies in the British Isles, Scandinavia, and Spain. It sort of correlates with the distributions of K1a1b1 and K1a4a1, both of which were popular in Neolithic Spain. H1e is probably really widespread, examples have been found outside of Europe in Iran(H1e1a) and Bedouin(H1e*).

There are many ancient examples of H1e....
Neolithic Germany and Hungary.
German Bell Beaker and British Bell Beaker

IMO, H1e came to Europe with those Anatolian EEF farmers. Most of its major clades most likely originated in and around Turkey before exploding into Europe.

Regio X
15-07-17, 19:19
According to SNPedia, H1e may be several maternal lineages that arose independently, 'cause G>A at position 5460 is a highly polymorphic mutation.