View Full Version : Source of Iberian DNA in British?

16-07-17, 18:32
I noticed Iberian DNA is found at about seven percent in North Wales and about to to three percent in many other parts of the island. From where is this Iberian coming? Directly from Spain in historical times or from Celtic or pre-Celtic common ancestors to Britain? Could Roman occupation be responsible for most of it? Are Germans and French getting higher Iberian percentages than the British?

16-07-17, 20:00
All that is possible, plus it could be Neolithic. Iberians have a ton of Neolithic ancestry.

16-07-17, 23:44
I believe it's the leftover genetics of the inhabitants before the L21 celts took over. Wales seemed to be their final stronghold, thus the higher Iberian%. Wales fell to Roman rule but held strong later vs Saxons.