View Full Version : Women mature 11 years earlier than us men

25-07-17, 07:45

I can totally relate! I love video games, vulgar jokes, and I have Tony the Tiger pj bottoms. I love engaging in boyish conversations with my friends such as "it would be cool if..(insert event here)".

25-07-17, 14:27
43 .. that's early
men try to postpone maturity all of their life
and some are pretty succesfull at it

01-12-17, 11:53
haha I knew that we are more mature than men at the same age, but I didn't know it's that much older. I thought 3-4 years earlier only :D

A. Papadimitriou
01-12-17, 15:13
I could accept that. Some of the things on the list have nothing to do with immaturity though.

For example, I never wore pyjamas and I don't but wearing pyjamas (or boxers etc) with cartoons is a choice a mature person can make. It can be a statement of some short.

27-05-19, 02:30
Society forces women to mature faster. It’s more of an environmental thing rather than biological. People tend to make excuses for boys a lot. “Oh, he’s just a kid...” “Boys will be boys...” etc. Immature behavior in boys is brushed off instead of corrected, so they carry it into adulthood. Women are usually prepped to be grown women (housewives / mothers / caretakers) from childhood. Women are also forced to learn how to defend themselves from predators even before puberty. Most women live in a heightened state of awareness at all times, because we’ve been taught to do so. I’ve often wondered if the reason women tend to be more intuitive and empathetic than men is because we are always survival mode which exercises that sixth sense.

01-06-19, 04:07
Yah, yah, men are stupid and women are smart. This article is just media click bait. I will point out that sociological studies, like the one this article is based upon, have a terrible replication rate.

09-07-19, 14:53
wow, I knew that we are more mature than men at the same age, but I didn't know it's that much older. What a surprise)

16-11-19, 23:21
I agree with this article