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Per Söderlund
26-07-17, 19:55
Hi! This is my first post her.

I have just do a BigY and I waiting for my YFull result. I was I-M253 before the BigY but already when my result from BigY came I got I-FGC14508 and after just a day I got change to I-BY20494.

What I understand just now in waiting on the analyse from YFull I am in the subtree:

I1 (M253) > DF29 > Y2592 > CTS6364 > CTS10028 > S6346 > L22 > Z2338 > P109 > S7660 > S14887 > FGC14508 > FGC14514 > BY20494

My closest match at FTDNA is a GD5 that together with me build this new branch. But it seams to me that it can be a future new branch more due to that this is my closest match and it is just GD5.

29-07-17, 07:00
Very nice that you are getting the BigY/Yfull! L22 seems exactly what I'd expect in Sweden, but that is several branches down.