View Full Version : L'Ultimo Padrino-The Last Godfather

30-07-17, 03:03
I watched this two part Italian tv series over the last two nights. It stars Michele Placido and Daniele Pecci, and is available on mhz choice. It's available on youtube for free in Italian only, no subtitles.

Basically, it shows the ingenuity, courage, and determination, maybe obsession, that it took to find and arrest him. I thought it was very good, although like most of these movies it paints a bit too sympathetic picture of at least the main character, Bernardo Provenzano of Corleone. The scenes around Sicily and especially around Corleone are very well filmed, and I got to watch the gorgeous Daniele Pecci and Guido Caprino in action. So, a win all around.