View Full Version : I'm going to beat alcohol..and restore my brain.

02-08-17, 06:39
I have a close friend of mine who's giving up weed and his experience has been nothing but positive. His decision encouraged me to gradually reduce my alcohol intake so I can get my life back on track and regain my programming and mathematical skills. Before I even registered here, I was a different, but "better" person. It's a tough decision for me, but I feel its time to fight back against the bottle. I'm not an alcoholic; I won't suffer serious withdrawal symptoms after enough time passes since my last intake, but I would still miss the euphoria that alcohol induces.

02-08-17, 16:10
Congrats! Go for natural high: have a good sleep every night, lose weight, start exercising, listen to happy music, have only positive friends, smile to strangers, take happy vitamins D and B.