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Fire Haired14
03-08-17, 09:28
mtDNA Atlas: mtDNA K=UHG? (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2017/08/mtdna-kuhg.html)

Looking at mHG K1 and K1a's structure there's no doubt they were popular somewhere during the Mesolithic, long before those K1 rich Neolithic farmers in Europe came about. Most of Europe can be ignored as a Mesolithic hotspot for K1 because modern European K1 by and large comes originally from Anatolia. This makes the 'East Mediterranean' the most likely place where K1 was a big deal during the Mesolithic. I think Anatolia Neolithic's 'UHG' ancestors belonged those K1 rich Mesolithic populations of the east Mediterranean.

03-08-17, 09:54
That's pretty much the homeland I proposed several years ago for haplogroup K (not just K1, as K3 was found in the Mesolithic Caucasus). My theory is that K originated in Palaeolithic Southeast Europeans as U8b and the mutations for K emerged somewhere around the Black Sea around the LGM, when Southeast Europeans sought refuge in Anatolia. It then had plenty of time to spread around the Near East before the advent of agriculture.

05-08-17, 03:38
What means UHG ?