View Full Version : Genetic correlation between neuroticism and other traits

06-09-17, 18:30
Neuroticism is correlated with all sorts of mental disorders like anxiety, clinical depression, schizophrenia, etc., but it's also correlated with other traits.


Geneplaza has a test for genetic variants associated with neuroticism, for those interested.

29-10-18, 01:09
I would like to read the outcome of this study. It is tabbed on 23andme's research page, but I found clicking on it and your link Angela, that it is a pay per read PER article at $8.99 CDN or $225 CDN per year subscription for all of these studies. Pricey much? I'm not cheap, and will fork out and DO for books and other reading material - too much so, if you ask my husband ;) - but, come on.

Does anyone know where this study and recent others like them can be accessed without being ripped off?