07-09-17, 05:11
I wish to announce after a number of years of detailed research and analysis that the 3rd Edition of The King’s Son (The Evidence) is now released and available through The King’s Son (http://the-kings-son.com/how_to_get_the_book) website.
The Puzzle as to who my Grandfather’s paternal family line has been solved in this 3rd Edition of the book, which proves William James Shepherd’s close relationship to the British Royal Family.
There is a complimentary pdf copy on Chapter 11 (http://the-kings-son.com/chapter_11_-_the_kings_son_complimentary), which provides a lot of details.

The 2nd Edition was 200 pages whereas this 3rd Edition (http://the-kings-son.com/home) is 550 pages – noting they are small 9” x 6” pages. It is currently only available in Kindle format (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075DC5C11/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1504657023&sr=8-2&keywords=the+king%2527s+son+%2528the++evidence%252 9), with the Paperback version to follow soon.
As a result of this investigation additional Royal Haplogroups have now been discovered and are documented in Chapter 10. There are some major surprises. The Y-DNA and atDNA matching of multiple Royal Houses in my book has now evolved to assist with the wider analysis on the Origins of European Mankind.

Thank you,
Brad Michael Little
www.the-kings-son.com (http://www.the-kings-son.com/)
September 5th 2017

13-09-17, 04:09
I think folkshaven't picked up that there is a 70 page pdf document available on my websitecalled "Chapter 11 - All Roads Lead to Northern Frankish Origins"available at http://www.the-kings-son.com/chapter_11_-_the_kings_son_complimentary (http://www.the-kings-son.com/chapter_11_-_the_kings_son_complimentary).
I also think folksmay have also missed that the Royal Wettin and Royal Hesse Haplogroups are nowknown - the details are shown on my webpage.

Thank you,Brad Michael Little

24-05-18, 22:39

On the L21 Yahoo blog, I ran a request to gather as much known Royal DNA information as I could. The message below is what I just posted, and as this endeavor may be of interest to this Eupedia Forum as well.

I have completed (for the time being) updating my website with as much authoritative Y-DNA data on Royal lineages that I could find - I even included a section on Irish Kings:

I admit that my website includes information of the Hesse, Oldenburg and Plantagenet lines - which some may not agree with. As such they are placeholders, and by putting them out there - they may become a "dot" that helps someone's "dash", so as to be able to join the dots with the dashes - and perhaps corroborate (or disprove) the data I have put out there.

As a side note - I found it curious that early yesterday morning I had logged on to my the-kings-son "website control panel" to see what traffic was on the site - and where it was from. I found a person from ... the Red Square, of Moscow who was reading all about the Oldenburg Appendix 2 paper that Kaye and I had written:

Maybe it might spur the folks who have worked on new DNA testing of Tsar Nicholas II (who was an Oldenburg) to publish their results.

As time goes by, I want to keep this part of my website up to date as an "authorative source" of European Royal YDNA. If anyone has anymore information that I have overlooked - with associated weblinks pointing to the source of the information - please let me know.

My hope is that as more Ancient Skeleton data comes to light that it can then be correlated with the YDNA information on my website - just as it was for the Driffield Terrace Ancient Roman dig in York, England I mentioned in the Appendix 2 paper that was referenced above.

With best regards,
Brad Michael Little
www.the-kings-son.com (http://www.the-kings-son.com/)