View Full Version : Why Cruciani's data shows less E1b1b1 percentages?

11-09-17, 08:24
Eupedia's charts shows higher percentages for so many regions which contradicts Cruciani's research?

11-09-17, 08:32
This data shows 7% for Romania, 7% for Campania, 10% Calabria, 4% in Sardinia, 4% in Croatia, 4% for Hungary, Ukraine ... while in Eupedia they are much higher percentages, I don't know which one is nearer to the CORRECT figures.

11-09-17, 20:47
^^One study is generally not going to be as accurate as the aggregate of many studies, unless the methodology of certain studies is questionable.

12-09-17, 05:06
Yes Eupedia takes all available researches into account, having said that I prefer Cruciani's data because it specifically studied hg E and had wider scope. It would be good if this research's data is added in Eupedia charts because it gives very realistic figures.