View Full Version : R-P310* update?

12-09-17, 21:49
Hi everyone

I am new to this game, so please forgive any ignorance in advance.

I recently tested via LivingDNA and found my yDNA could best be characterized as R1b p310+, p312-, u106-, u152-, DF100-. I've seen this referred as P310*.

I have looked at the Doug Marker/Adrian Ballard website on the South Baltic Modal Haplogroup hypothesis and found this interesting, but wondered if there had been any recent developments in this area?

My impression coming into this as a newbie is that we are trying to generalize from very small samples, and that the picture of R1b and its subclades continues to change. Any recent info or guidance on who to talk to/share data with would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, my family background is from South Yorkshire/North Derbyshire/Peak District.

All best,