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22-09-17, 16:28
I am curious if anyone here has a family member with Stargardt's Macular Disease. The difference in Stargardt'd and Macular Degeneration is found in the cells of the macula.

In Stargardt's the cells of the macula have died. In Macular Degeneration, the veins in the eye have hardened and burst, causing blood to cloud the macula. For more information on Stargardt's, here is a link explaining


22-09-17, 17:26
I dont know much about Macular degeneration but according to 23andme I carry both of the genetic variants they test for signaling age related Macular Degeneration... I know my mother had glaucoma, but as of now my eyes are perfectly fine

23-09-17, 00:04
My older son has Stargardts which is supposedly inherited as recessive, so both my husband and I gave a gene. It was what started me on genealogy to find where we were related, since it is somewhat rare. Neither of our families have a history of it and I can't find it by trees, so I am attempting to get him and his family involved in DNA testing.

17-05-18, 15:32
An update... I finally found how we are related and it is the Funk/Funck/Funke family from Holland. Thank you dna.