View Full Version : My Southern Europe disappeared

17-10-17, 11:45
Hello everybody,

I took a FTDNA test a few months ago. Before the uptade, I had 20% Southern Europe which was accurate according to what I know about my family and to my aunt's 23andMe results.

However, version 2 gives me now 20% West and Central Europe and no Iberian and 4% Southeast Europe.

We are supposed to be of Spanish descent on my grandmother side. DNA.land gives me 8% South Western Europe and 12% Mediterranean Islander, 1% Sardinian and 1% South Central Europe.

Therefore I don't understand why I have no Iberian on FTDNA, not even as a trace region.

I've read that it's because my family is from Northern Spain, but not sure.

Does anybody has the same problem ?

Thank you :)