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17-10-17, 19:08
So I received my Y37 results. As I suspected, No matches at Y37. I only match at Y12. Supposedly Y67 is done but I cannot even view any matches/or lack thereof.

R1a project predicted me as M458 YP515, but based on nevgen there is 62.6% Unknown. Idk how predictions/classifications are made with a low percentage reliability of placement. Assuming Yelite confirms their assumption, Who is this linked to? the TMRCA of YP515 is 2100 years. Goths? Slavs during the great migration? Even my 12 marker matches are extremely low, so its probably thousands of years ago.

Nevgen predictor:

62.6% Unsupported subclade
13.3% R1a Z282>M458>> L1029>YP417
13.0% R1a Z282>M458>> L1029>YP444
11.2% R1a Z282>M458>> YP515-------------------------> Predicted by R1a Project



17-10-17, 20:30
According to Michal I also show some individual STR results that are very rare in clade CTS11962, so there is still a possibility that I belongs to a non-M458 subclade under Z283. Just a little confused considering LivingDNA supposedly tested downstream of Z283 all of which I was negative. Makes it almost questionable at best when companies all report different results.

17-10-17, 21:05
Congrats :) I suggest either a snp pack or Big Y then you will know for sure :) I also do not have a single match at Y37 up to know :)