View Full Version : Updates to Ancestry.com DNA Story

17-10-17, 20:49
I noticed they changed my 3% Italian/Greek to "Europe South" and have that circle from SE France to the west edge of Turkey.

They also merged the Ethnicity with the Genetic Community functions. Now the tab says "DNA Origins."

The Iberian peninsula area also is drawn to include Sardinia and Corsica.

Ireland is also now called Ireland/Scotland/Wales.

None of the numbers changed, only descriptions and map boundaries.

17-10-17, 21:19
My results are the same, however they changed it to the new format yesterday and now it's back to the old format today.

17-10-17, 23:49
Yep they have and I quite like it to be honest. But still I wish the south Europe was spilt up a bit more (e.g. Italy, south Slavic, Greece)